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A Comparison of Our Top Three Signature Coffees

Discover Our Most Unique Brews

At Motorized Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on offering blends that not only cater to coffee enthusiasts but also resonate with automotive passion. Here, we compare three of our most unique and beloved blends to help you find the perfect match for your taste and lifestyle.

Hot Rod
Hot Rod Sale priceFrom $18.50
Showtime Sale priceFrom $18.90
On The Rocks Cold Brew
On The Rocks Cold Brew Sale priceFrom $18.50

Medium / Dark Roast

Medium-Light Roast

Medium Roast


Blended Origin

Tanzania and India Robusta

Blended Origin


Cocoa & Caramel

Robust, Intense, and Energizing

Smooth Chocolate, Toffee, and Floral


Perfect for a rich, bold cup

High caffeine content for extra energy

Ideal for cold brew or nitro


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Active Ambassadors

Not gonna lie, I was surprised by this coffee. The taste is smooth and clearly freshly ground. Not what I was expecting, but I didn't know what I was to expect. Great coffee indeed.

Sallie S.

I enjoyed the broad range and boldness of all the flavors in the sample pack. Super crisp coffee and an aroma that catches everyone's attention the second it starts brewing.

Chris T.

GREAT flavor!! I am typically not a dark roast kind of person but I wanted my coffee to be called "race fuel" so I decided to try this one, and I will be ordering it again!! So good and is not bitter at all

Alex T.

A fresh brew made each slow morning after a late evening that much more enjoyable. You won't be disappointed with this tasty, robust, and delicious selection!


Had the pleasure of trying this out at Cars & Coffee! Absolutely great flavor and balance. Very fresh taste, I can drink it with or without sweetener.


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