How to use a Moka Pot

How to use a Moka Pot | Motorized Coffee Company

The Moka Pot is a both simple and elegant solution to make espresso without needing all the fancy equipment of the local coffee shop. It has three major pieces: the boiler, the filter basket, and the spout. Trust us, if you can fuel up your ride, you can handle the Moka Pot.

How to Make Tasty Espresso

  1. Use finely ground coffee, like one you would for espresso, about 10 grams for a 3 cup Moka Pot
  2. Boil water (See, you got this)
  3. Pour boiled water into the boiler of the Moka Pot
  4. Place the filter basket on the boiler
  5. Fill the basket up with grounds
  6. Take the spout and screw it on, IT’S HOT, so use a towel to hold the pieces
  7. Place the pot on the stovetop (or fire) and boil it 
  8. Once your hear the gurgle of the water shooting out the spout, the espresso is ready
  9. Pour, drink, and enjoy 

There is really no need to moka big deal about using a Moka Pot and we hope our 9 steps give you the needed confidence. When done correctly, the coffee will have a rich, heavy-bodied taste which is more flavorful than a standard drip brew. Drink it on its own or mixed with other liquids make other drinks; hot water for an Americano; Steamed milk for a Cappuccino. Cheers. 


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